Tempest Reporting: Among Utah’s Finest Court Reporting Firms

A good court reporter can be hard to find. In the digital age, anyone can make a website and offer a service, so how can you really know who is the best of the best? Tempest Reporting in Salt Lake City, Utah, has proven time and time again that they are the only court reporting service a law professional needs.

The Best Service for Three Decades

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Tempest Reporting has been open and running since 1988, giving them 30 years of fast and reliable service. The firm has worked cases big and small, representing some of the top personal injury, corporate law, and criminal law firms in not only Salt Lake City, but St. George, Ogden, Provo, and more. As one of the first firms to accept transcripts from reporters and deliver them by email, as well as being the first firm in Utah to offer compressed transcripts and video conferencing, these Salt Lake City court reporters have always been dedicated to offering their clients top of the line services.

“From day one I wanted to raise the bar on the court reporting industry by offering the most highly-skilled certified reporters and latest technologies,” founder and President Ariel Mumma says about her business. It is this dedication to providing quality service that allows attorneys and paralegals to be certain they will receive pristine transcripts of video depositions, personal deposition, and conferences.

Prestigious Affiliation

To help ensure their clients know they are truly working with the best, Tempest Reporting has recently become a member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). The NNRC is the leading national court reporting directory, partnered with top firms in the nation, and across the world. The vetting process is arduous, so only the best firms are accepted. It’s no wonder a firm based on efficiency, quality, and clientele rapport such as Tempest Reporting would be accepted into this organization.

Tempest Reporting not only offer court reporting services, but a variety of litigation services including litigation support, videoconferencing, and videography. The firm will work with a client for as long as their services are required. Tempest Reporting also vows to follow up on every job in order to ensure that no unexpected problems arise, as technical issues are the last thing an attorney needs to worry about while involved in a case. A law professional should not be limited to court reporters in their county, so Tempest Reporting offers services out of state.

“With all the changes taking place in our industry, I am proud to be one of the last independently-owned and operated firms in Utah. Our record of service speaks for itself,” President Mumma says. From start to close of a case, Tempest Reporting will do all it can to make sure the process is as easy as possible for their client.

To contact Tempest Reporting, call their office at (801) 521-5222, email info@lw8.e91.myftpupload.com, or visit their offices.

Walker Building, 175 South Main, Suite 710, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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